Monday, May 21, 2007

May 21, 2007 - Entry #3

May 21, 2007 - Entry #3

*This diary is intended to be an official record for the world as to what is happening to me and my family and what (although unknown at this point) is to be. -- for an accurate reading, please begin with Entry #1*

I stole a car since my last entry.

Not something I'm proud of or have done before and I plan on (hopefully) not doing it again unless extreme circumstances warrant it.

The day after my last post, I was spotted (recognized) by a clerk at the grocery store. I had left the motel to get my son lunch and a few pairs of socks. His only pair had worn a hole in one heel.

It took me a moment to realize something was up. When I looked up to the clerk to purchase my items, his face grew instantly pale and he started stammering. I thought he was going to piss his pants as he jogged away, toward an office door. When it sunk in, I quickly left the store, hurried back to the motel, gathered up my son and our stuff.

In the parking lot I managed to find a car with the keys in it. Thinking on this now, I didn’t realize anyone in this day and age would leave their keys. But it was a small town and I guess small town trust still is alive and well. With a half a tank of fuel, I turned onto back roads and headed out of state. (thank God I remembered my map).

Later (into the night), I pulled over on a pitch-black, country road to sleep. I clicked the radio on to let music help clear my mind. I turned up the volume just in time to hear a reporter declare that I’ve been spotted in the state and I’m a violent, murdering fugitive who has kidnapped my son.

Regarding my Son…

Simply put, he is not like other boys. My wife and I adopted him 7 years ago as a baby and have raised him as an only child. We noticed peculiarities about him at an early age. His speech was delayed and although very frustrating for him, we managed with a booklet of ‘communication pictures’. Upon realizing this was making his speech lazy (and worse), we threw that away and his speech slowly came.

My son is what I’ve always called an ‘old soul’. You know people in your life that have this natural, wisdom? A mature sense about them or an age-old aura? Well this is my son. He has (since an early age) this way of looking at you from behind the eyes of a wise, 90 year old man. You can tell that he thinks things through thoroughly before speaking. And at times it seems like he can peer through to your soul. Unnerving to most to say the least.

My son has always had zero interest in socializing/playing with other kids. Other boys/girls would do normal ‘kid things’ and he would just look at them perplexed then go off to work on his own projects like puzzles, models and lego structures.

So with all this, it wasn’t a surprise to find that, through basic tests, a resident psychologist speculated for us that his IQ is off the charts. We would have to place him in a school for Gifted Children and with that, most likely move. Something I was not happy about. I loved my town and the clean air. I loved the fact you could let your kids walk to school without worrying about them arriving alive. And even, well…leave your keys in your car.

A few weeks ago my son had showed me something and I haven’t told a soul. For two main reasons. I’m sure nobody would believe me and secondly I have a hard time believing it myself, (let alone making sense of it)

It had started with him drawing several shapes on paper then tacking them on his wall. Every other day a new shape. Now, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about a child drawing pictures and decorating his bedroom but these were simple, geometric shapes. Some drawn together to complete bizarre, even more complex shapes. Nothing distinguishable to be seen in the drawings ie. Cars, dogs, trees etc. Only combinations of simple shapes.

I had shrugged this off until one day I passed by his room. These papers had covered most of his walls by now, each with it’s own distinguishable shape(s). One drawing caught my attention. I stepped up close to examine its intricate, almost spectacular circles, lines and spirals. It was simply amazing.

Two days later…I was reading my after dinner newspaper, thinking of dozing off in front of the television. Then I turned the page. Glaring at me, in bold, clear ink was a photograph of the exact, same shape on my son’s wall. A smiling farmer, on a side photo, described how he discovered the shape in his wheat crop that morning. A Crop Circle. At first I was blown away by how exact my son had copied the picture in exact detail.

Then it dawned on me…

My son had posted that picture on his wall BEFORE the crop circle had formed in the field.

I triple checked the dates in the article and phoned the newspaper. The dates checked out.

Writing this out like this makes it even more ridiculous to me. As stated before, I am an Engineer. I deal in facts.

When I asked my son how he could do this he simply smiled and said, “You’ll see.”


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