Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sep 16, 2007 - Entry #17

Sep 16, 2007 - Entry #17

*This diary is intended to be an official record for the world as to what is happening to me and my family and what (although unknown at this point) is to be. -- for an accurate reading, please scroll down and begin with Entry #1*


I appreciate all email, thoughts and prayers/support while I have been absent from internet use. I shall respond to all email as promptly as I can.

I am back in the United States and I will continue with this blog. It is more important now than ever (as you shall soon see) that I continue to convey an accurate, chronological account of what has happened.


...I sat next to Boyd on the flight to Alaska, thinking about the dream. I couldn't get over how real it was and I hoped to hell what Mr Leatherskin had said was bullshit.

The facility at HAARP was damn near identical to Groom Lake. Several stories of floors underground. Security procedures were identical. Photographs, retinal scans, DNA swabs etc.

Mr Accountant and two Military Police led us to a living quarters. (or should I say temporary prison). The bedrooms were slightly larger and a little more comfortable. We were shown a recreation room that was ours to use, complete with a billiards table, a library of books (mostly fiction) and a movie screen which showed mostly classic films.

Roughly after a week of pacing the walls an MP Officer arrived at our floor and handed me a folder with a NSA emblem in a corner and marked 'CLASSIFIED LEVEL 4' across the front (no idea what level 4 meant).

Without a word the MP ignored my 'what's this?' and headed back to disappear into the elevators.

I sat on my bed and opened the folder. I quickly realized that it was the 'file' on Claire.

Several pictures showed her on the first few pages. Close up of her out in public. Obviously under surveillance. The following pages revealed a fairly detailed biography. Some speculation but mostly facts.

Overall the folder revealed that she is a mercenary/assassin for hire and a deadly one at that.

It also was clear that she could win an academy award for the way she could infiltrate tight groups / foreign governments, gain trust, strike then disappear like the wind. Her arsenal of tools included poison, sniper rifles, knives and hand to hand combat. She had learned her skills in the U.S. Special Forces and had gone AWOL. Prior to her military career her life was speculation. The file suspected that she had come from Ireland as a teenager and had a past completely fabricated in order to get into the military. It seemed that she had someone pulling strings and had long term plans for her.

I sat thinking about the day she pushed the gun in my face and the convincing 'story' of what happened to her. This woman obviously had zero conscience and it made the hairs stand up on my neck knowing she had Michael.

The following days were finally interrupted by Mr Accountant. They had found my wife and son in Iraq. It was now 'urgent' that they get me there.

Panic filled my chest 'Why urgent!?'

Mr Accountant handed me a digital, hand held recorder and headphones. "Listen to this on the plane.'

He abruptly turned and left without a word.

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