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Jun 2, 2007 - Entry #9

Jun 2, 2007 - Entry #9

*This diary is intended to be an official record for the world as to what is happening to me and my family and what (although unknown at this point) is to be. -- for an accurate reading, please begin with Entry #1*

Claire’s story...

She was born and raised in a small town (Tennessee). Above average grades. Moved away to attend University where she met her husband and graduated with a Masters Degree in Science, specializing in Materials.

She and her husband had adopted their son twelve years ago and have lived happy, productive lives until a couple of weeks ago.

Amazingly, their son has almost identical personality traits to Michael. Somewhat anti-social with other kids, high intelligence and spends hours in his room drawing these symbols on papers, (although more prolific than my son).

A couple of weeks ago, she had noticed her son glued to the television, flipping through channels with a vengeance. He stopped when he reached a news story on a farm in Tennessee.

A crop circle had appeared on May 25, (this year) in Monroe County. Julian was glued to the television for hours, flipping the channel to any news story he could find on it.

Claire showed me a drawing he had done of the crop circle. An elaborate series of circles (four large and four small) all joined with lines. In the middle was another circle with a triangle.

The next day, when she came home from picking up her son from school, she walked into her house and found it a total mess. Sofa’s turned upside down (cut open), sections of drywall cut out, carpets ripped up, all in all, just like how I had found my house.

She heard a loud noise rise from downstairs and then her husband yelled to her ‘Claire! Get out of here!’

She called out his name but no answer. She headed to the doorway to the basement and called his name again. Nothing.

She stood, frightened at the top of the stairs, looking down into darkness.

Suddenly a man in a suit rushed up the stairs after her with a large knife. Her reflexes grabbed the door to the stairs and slammed it shut before he reached the top. She turned and ran.

She called out for Julian as she ran outside. With a stroke of luck she found him still in the mini-van (looking for a calculator). She jumped in, started the engine and backed out of the driveway as the man with the knife burst out the front door.

Claire raced to the police station.

She arrived in hysterics and had a difficult time explaining to the officer at the front desk through her tears.

The police had gone to the house to investigate and found her husband hanging in the basement. Dead.

The official report concluded that he had a mental breakdown, destroyed the house and killed himself. Claire was furious.

She drove to her sister’s house and, while on the way, Julian told her they “had to go”.

He told her that it was dangerous to go anywhere but where the message said.

Claire asked what message he was talking about. He showed her the drawing of the crop circle. He then reached into the glove box, pulled out a road map booklet of the united states and circled a spot where he wanted to go.

She ignored this and told Julian not to worry.

Before she reached her sisters house she received a call from the police on her cell. The officer told her that she needed to come in to answer some questions regarding the investigation into her husbands ‘suicide’.

When she arrived, she pulled out front and parked. Julian was suddenly trembling in fear and tears began to roll down his face. He cried for her to please not go in. She hugged him and told him not to worry.

As she hugged him, she spotted a face, through the window of the police station. A man talking to an officer. It was the same man in a suit who raced up the stairs.

Claire’s entire being ached with adrenaline. She frantically shifted the car into drive and pulled slowly away from the curb.

The next thing she said she knew she was on the highway and didn’t know what to do or where to go.

Julian opened the map again pleaded with her. So she agreed with out any idea what else to do.

As they drove, Claire quizzed Julian more about the circles. He told her they were messages. This one was for him.

She asked how it could be a message; it was “only a drawing of circles”.

He simply replied, “It's math mom.”

Over the next couple of days as they traveled, the only other information that Julian would say was they knew they would be at the right spot when they found ‘this’. He handed over the drawing of the crop circle we found at the farm.

Claire asked him what message that image said and was taken aback when Julian smiled as bright as the sun.

“It’s another boy…like me”


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